Wivenhoe One Designs have been sailing on the River Colne for over 80 years. 
The Wivenhoe One Design is the class dinghy of the Wivenhoe Sailing Club. 
Without the support of the Wivenhoe Sailing Club this splendid sailing dinghy may have long since vanished into history. 
This site documents the history of the class and the current racing news. 

WOD News: 

The WODS took part in both Wivenhoe and Rowhedge Regattas
1st Coretta : Nic Blower
2nd Alcyone : Nigel cook
3rd Elise : Rob Maloney

1st Alcyone : Nigel Cook
2nd Elise : Rob Maloney
3rd Vivian : Janine Bowyer
7 boats raced in total, including Dorothy, Coretta, Osprey and Peewit.


WODs set to take part in Pyefleet Week 2015

WOD built in Ireland joins the fleet in Wivenhoe
The boat is undergoing restoration by Rob Maloney


See Below for more details.

Elise No 17 Relaunched

Elise has been relaunched after a complete rebuild by her owner Rob Maloney.

June 2013 - 7 WODs on the River Colne. From left to right:
Osprey, Peewit, Duet, Sapphire, Vivian, Coretta & Dorothy

                                              Duet, Peewit & Coretta


  Pyefleet Week (Brightlingsea) 9-16th August 2014

5 WODs were at Brightlingsea racing in Pyefleet Week this year.

Sunday and Monday were called off due to the remnants of America's hurricane Bertha.

Tuesday morning we had a breezy exhilarating race with no one feeling the need to use their spinnaker as we were all going plenty fast enough without, especially with all the waves we are not used to. The results were Duet 1st, Alcyone 2nd and Coretta 3rd. Elise retired and Brunette did not start.

Wednesday was an all in handicap race that only Elise took part in.

Thursday was wet and stormy with variable wind and a scrawl that delayed the start by half an hour causing most of the WODs to get confused and be late to the start line. The results were Duet 1st, Coretta 2nd, Brunette 3rd, Alcyone 4th and Elise 5th.

Friday was a better day weather wise, but still quite breezy at times. The results were Duet 1st, Coretta 2nd, Brunette 3rd, Alcyone 4th and Elise 5th.

On Saturday the WODs raced back to Wivenhoe with some more blustery weather. The results were Coretta 1st, Duet 2nd, Elise 3rd and Brunette 4th.

Overall results were:

1st Duet (George Brown and various crew)

2nd Coretta (Nic Blower and Dan Twyman)

3rd Alcyone (Nigel Cook and Peter Cook)

4th Brunette (Chris Osborn-Jones and Kieran Smith)

5th Elise (Rob Maloney and various crew)



Grand Launching of Elise WOD No. 17 - Saturday 17th May 2014

On Saturday 17th May at 1pm at Wivenhoe Sailing Club Elise will be launched by her owner Rob Maloney, this follows months of painstaking restoration. Please come along to WSC to witness the event and support Rob. Following a short ceremony, including words from her previous owners, you can see her in action on the river Colne.

5th October 2013

WOD Association Meal at WSC

13th & 14th June 2013 WOD Racing Weekend
This weekend was linked to Wivenhoe Town Regatta on the 13th June. Race 1 started from Brightlingsea and ended in Wivenhoe. Race 2 started and finished in Wivenhoe.
Race 1: 1245 start Bateman's Tower
Winner G. Brown Duet
Race 2: 1515 start WSC
Winner N. Blower Coretta
Pictures on the gallery, see link below.
16th February WOD Association Party 2013
Many thanks to all of you that came to our fundraising party at Wivenhoe Sailing Club. From the door and generous donations we raised £220, this will go towards the ongoing renovation of the class. 

2012 Wivenhoe Town Regatta
The 2012 Wivenhoe Town Regatta saw the current WOD fleet on the water competing together. Five boats were racing and the winning Wivenhoe One was Brunette, helmed by Stan Fenton and crewed by his son William.
Below are stills from the day:

Our very own Boatbuilder Rob Maloney, specialist in W.O.D Restorations, Repairs and New Builds

For any information about the Wivenhoe One Design, any updates about the boats for sale, please contact:

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