Number 15: Chiquita (Meeca II)

Sail No.

Boat Name  (1935)


First owner and home port

Other known owners/dates/ports

Recent history and current condition of the WOD



(Meeca II)

Stanley Cook.

Wivenhoe Quay

Arthur Turner.


1947-48. A.E.Lamb. named Larry II 1948-49. J.Williams named Chiquita 1951-58. "Digle" Haward
1978 found derelict West Mersea, WOD Assn. Wivenhoe
1979-84. Colin Butterfield
1985-??Andrew Mortlake and Mike Jelly. 19??-                 Chris Ramsey??-2010 
2010-2014 Steve France
2014 Brought by Rob Maloney (available for restoration) also owns Elise No17 and Windrush

April 2001:
Chiquita is stored under cover in yard at No. 91 Rectory Road Rowhedge. 
Mast reported to be in poor condition.
March 2014:
Purchased from Steve France at Woolverstone Marina

 March 2014 Arrived back to Wivenhoe after being rescued from Woolverstone. Looks ok from a distance but close up she is in a sorry state, after years of neglect. She is Currently For Sale for restoration by Boatbuilder Rob Maloney. If your Interested in getting her restored to join the fleet contact Rob.