Number 17: Elise

Sail No.

Boat Name  


First owner and home port.

Other known owners/dates/ports

Recent history and current condition of the WOD



F.W.Mitchell Brightlingsea


Alec Green.


1937-70. Alec, Ken, Peter and Doug Green
1970-78 Bert Sawers, Wivenhoe. Mr. Pudney, Brightlingsea, Alan Colley, Wrabness
1978-81 Pat Hatch
1981. WOD Assn
1981-??. Jill and Doug Green. Donated to WOD Association
?-2010 Phil Wood
2011 Nic Blower
Current owner Rob Maloney 

April 2001:
Elise was in the process of restoration in the sailing club boathouse by Bob Baldwin and Dick Munday. She has had her transom and keel replaced and to date the fore part of the deck has been renewed. She has been under repair for 3 years and reliable voluntary help is needed in order to get the work finished.
April 2012: 
Elise is in need of major restoration.
July 2012: 
has taken on Elise as a restoration project

May 2014:

Elise has been relaunched after a complete rebuild.

Elise in 2012, having spent a number of years upside down in the boatyard - Rob Maloney is the proud new owner!
Work Started Summer 2012. The hull was stripped bare, 9 planks have been replaced and New Ribs and floors fastened throughout. A new deckframe constructed with only 1 original deckbeam remaining. New decks and coamings fitted, Tharwt and centrecase. The entire boat has been epoxied inside and out and finished with 2 pack polyurethane paint/varnish over. She has a rebuilt mast, new boom and rudder.

Elise: 17th May 2014 - Relaunched at WSC after a complete rebuild over the last 2 years. Attended by the Mayor and the family of the original owners.