Number 7: Peewit

Sail No.

Boat name  (1935)


First owner and home port

Other known owners/dates/ports

Recent history and current condition of the WOD




Lt.Col.Attfield-Brooks. Manningtree.

?      -1956   (R. Norfolk?). moored in the Twizzle Walton
1957 -1960   David Pettitt, Wivenhoe
1960 -1963   Mr. Foreman
1963 -1969   Alan Brooking
1969 -1976   R. McClellan then D. Hill then M. Baker
1981 -1985   John Laing
1985 -1990? Tom Guy (Chris)
1990?-1998  Frazer Sparks
1998-2005   Graham Hill
2005-2007   Richard Barrett
2007-2013   Nigel Cook
2013 WOD Association
2014 Malcolm and Helen Inkster
2014 - 2015 Wod association
Current owners Brian and Jean Taylor

Peewit is currently For Sale
April 2001:
Peewit had stiffeners fitted either side of the keel inside and refastened and has been epoxied on the outside only. She spent the winter outside properly supported and sheeted and has now had a fresh coat of paint and varnish for this season.
Peewit is regularly raced at WSC

April 2013:
Peewit dry weight - 725lbs

April 2014:
Peewit dry weight - 689llbs.

 Peewit sporting a new rudder.
 Peewit at her mooring.
 Peewit under full sail.
 In the shed at Alresford Creek.
 Tumblehome so typical of a WOD.
 Peewit as found in 1998 after 3 years laid up.