Number 8 :Puffin (Rosel)

Sail No.

Boat name (1935)


First owner and home port

Other known owners/dates/ports

Recent history and current condition of the WOD





(same as No.7?)

Dr. S. Bree.


1956 Chris Pestridge, Wivenhoe
1961-75. Mike & Jack Pettitt
1975 J.A. Small
1975-79. Dr.John Ashworth
1979 WOD Assn.
1980. D. Baldwin
1981-2017 Peter Foster
2017-2019 WOD Association
Current owner Stuart Bannerman
Puffin is lying on a mooring  at Rowhedge.
2015 puffin has been taken out of the water and is having a new deck fitted.
2018 Puffin is back on her mooring in wivenhoe after being at Rowhedge for the last 30 plus years.

Puffin and Peewit 
2014 on the hard at Rowhedge